Having innovation as our “guide”, our years of experience as our “back-pack”, and “fueled” by our desire for creative “excursions”, which lead to solutions, we travel alongside you, on the “vehicle” of technology. At the end of each “journey”, the result for you -in and out of brackets- is Always Added Value! We invite you on your own next “journey”, of which you might imagine its destination, whose route though seems “unmapped”. Together, we can define this route, while making your needs, demands and vision a reality, utilizing the chances for growth, presented by technology, striving for a brighter tomorrow.


The company was founded in April 2006, with the vision of providing innovative applications and comprehensive solutions of high-technology, trustworthy software, as well as pioneering products and services for:

• Financial Institutions
• Telecommunication Companies
• Private and Public Sector

In 2008, the company became certified reseller of Dell Hellas products and services, while at the same time taking the responsibility to serve the majority of Multinational Clients’ accounts of Dell Hellas (Global Accounts). Since then, the company keeps its success in meeting its goals, as well as in maintaining its level and quality of services, towards the clients of Dell Hellas.

In addition, during 2008, AMPLUS S.A. developed a relationship of Certified Reseller of Products with IBM Hellas and Hewlett Packard Hellas and now has its place in the network of Preferred Partners, of Hewlett Packard Hellas.
In the company’s plans’ list, there is the will to develop synergies and collaborations (partnerships) with even more successful vendors of both Greek and international origin, in order to create and give to the market even more innovative products, starting with the Greek market, while visioning on expanding in South Eastern Europe.


AMPLUS S.A. constitutes of full-time personnel of high-level education, master degrees, long-life experience and specialization in sales, design and development, as well as in managing great and complex projects in the field of information technology.

At the same time, the company cooperates with exceptional outsourced professionals, which provide specialized services and have great experience and specialization in the fields of designing and developing software, in computer information systems and, generally, in technology.

Organization-wise, the company consists of four major divisions, which all respond to the General Management.


The company has developed strategic synergies and collaborations in the field of software and services development, with widely-recognized companies, Greek and foreign ones, specialized in designing and creating software systems, the goal of which is the development of new and innovative business opportunities and the development of further successful solutions and applications to better serve the customers.

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